Member Group News

The SCCA is pleased to have partnered with one of our member groups, the Sunshine Coast Community Solar Association (SCCSA), with funding from the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, to support a feasibility study of building a community solar array co-operative here on the Coast. The project's goal is to further community participation in clean energy solutions, and to promote solar on the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you to those of you who recently participated in their community input survey! Stay tuned for the results of this study.

To find out more about the SCCSA and the Community Solar Array Investment project, visit their website, and consider getting involved as a member.  Click this link to read the March 2017 report "Supporting Partnerships to Champion Community Solar on the Sunshine Coast".

Gambier Lake - Photo by Donna McMahon

The Ministry of Forests is proposing to log two woodlots in the heart of Howe Sound, a combined area three times the size of Stanley Park. 

The woodlots are located in a pristine Wilderness Conservation Zone which includes Gambier Lake, a designated Provincial Recreation Site. The Forest ministry (FLNRO) did not consult with the community when establishing new woodlots and the Conservancy members note that the value of annual government stumpage fees is insignificant compared to recreational values. 

Watch the video Wild Heart of Howe Sound, or visit the Gambier Island Conservancy for more information.

Members of the Gambiier Island Conservancy have started an online petition opposing logging. They are asking SCCA members and supporters to sign the petition and forward it on to friends and family members.

Elphinstone Logging Focus has been successful in lobbying BC Timber Sales (BCTS) to take 17.6 Ha Cutblock DK045 off the table for being logged. Part of a larger block (TFL A79517 Dakota Bowl, lower Sunshine Coast), this includes yellow cedar and hemlock trees ranging in age from 800-1,800 years old. It is an important headwaters forest and wildlife corridor on the north slope of Mt. Elphinstone.

Norm Kempe, Senior Forest Planner said that ELF brought forward enough "compelling reasons for preserving this stand of timber... we considered had reasonable merit."

The Sea to Sky Clean Air Society is holding an information meeting on Thursday October 17th, at 12:30 pm to enable SSCAS to share its progress over the past year and provide an overview of what lies ahead.

Participants will have an opportunity to share ideas and express any concerns related to air quality in the airshed, and to update the group on their clean air initiatives. The aim is to build and strengthen partnerships in our region.

The meeting will run from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm at Chaster House, and includes a light lunch. For more information email