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Barred Owl near Pender Harbour
by Alan Sirulnikoff





Quillback Rock Fish
by Sarama
This is one of many photos taken during production of Sarama's documentary, The Living Salish Sea.




 Rhododendron macrophyllum by David Moore

This native species of rhododendron is widespread along the coast of the Pacific Northwest from Washington to northern California, but is known in only a very few isolated sites in BC.  This photo was taken on the slopes of Mt. Elphinstone, near Roberts Creek, in an area that is currently unprotected.

Texada Island by David Moore

Garden Bay Lake by Greg Lightbourne


Howe Sound by Greg Lightbourne

Tree Frog by Rick O'Neill
The Pacific Tree Frog is one of many species that need forests and wetlands to survive. Amphibians are rapidly declining on a worldwide basis, and 2007 was declared the International Year of the Frog to draw attention to their plight. Amphibians in BC are threatened by habitat destruction from development, logging and mining, and they are also very susceptible to pollution due to absorption through their skin.

Bush Tit Photo ©2007 James Fiscus
This bushtit had fluffed up after a September dip in the bird bath. The bird was shot with a Canon 70-300mm lens, extended to 300mm, at 1/200sec. F 5.6. James Fiscus is a writer and photographer working in Portland, Oregon.

Hummingbird provided by Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
This is one of the many wildlife photos available as greeting cards from the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, an SCCA member group. Visit them at

Wetland by Ryan Logtenberg
This photo shows some wetland plant species and an old-growth Coast Douglas Fir in the Bear Bay Forest near Pender Harbour. Courtesy of Ryan Logtenberg and the Bear Bay Stewardship Alliance. Visit


Blue Jay



Stellar's Jay by Tella Sametz 






Forest by Tella Sametz






Seal by Tella Sametz





   Snake by Krisztina Harasztosi





Other Photo Credits


Throughout our website are photographs generously donated by local photographers, including Alan Sirulnikoff, Andrew Scott, Delvin, Rick O'Neil, Dan Bouman, Emma Dore, and the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

The SCCA would like to thank Janice Williams ("Junco Jan") for her generous donation of photos from the watershed events of 2007.



Alan Sirilnikoff

Born in Manitoba, Alan Sirulnikoff makes his home on the Sunshine Coast. His photos have been published in various calendars, magazines and books, both in Canada and internationally including: Canadian Geographic, Maclean's Magazine, and Photo Life.

Duane Burnett

Duane Burnett is a local photographer and photo journalist whose images appear in newspapers, websites, brochures, map guides, and magazines. Duane is passionate about nature and ecological issues, and is a co-founder of The Friends of Boundary Bay, an award winning wetlands education group.