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The SCCA has submitted a new paper to the District of Sechelt on how to fix the District's community forest corporation. These six recommendations are mostly administrative in nature but go to the heart of what is needed.

Our paper summarizes recently released Freedom of Information request results and references the standards of the Community Charter and the Province's Guide to Municipal Corporations.

waterfallVancouver, December 17, 2009 — Several environmental organizations today released a blueprint for improving the planning and development of renewable electricity projects in British Columbia. The recommendations, authored by the David Suzuki Foundation, the Pembina Institute, Watershed Watch Salmon Society and West Coast Environmental Law, have been endorsed by 25 environmental organizations across the province.

British Columbians are deeply concerned about climate change, and while they support clean electricity to address climate change, many harbour concerns about how clean electricity is currently developed. Government energy and climate policies have stimulated a rapid increase in the rate of development of renewable electricity projects, but public support has not kept pace in many cases. Projects have frequently been opposed due to concerns about social, environmental and economic costs.

The blueprint released today, “Recommendations for Responsible Clean Electricity Development in British Columbia,” outlines how planning and development can proceed in a way that is more transparent, strategic and inclusive of and beneficial to all British Columbians — First Nations and the public alike — while limiting environmental impacts.

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Annoyed SCCA members and others have been calling and writing to express their irritation with the recent advertising blitz from Sechelt Community Projects Incorporated (SCPI — holder of a probationary community forest licence). This flood of promotional materials includes a major spread in Just Business People Magazine, a 4-page glossy insert in the Coast Reporter, a video production and a telephone “survey” that poses leading questions. It is obvious that the SCPI board of directors is baffled about why the public does not get onside with them and are wondering what should be done about it. We would like to offer the SCPI board of directors (and the public) a few simple steps that could be taken to significantly improve how the public views the community forest.

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tyson1Tyson Creek is a tributary of the Tzoonie River at the head of Narrows Inlet about 20 miles from Sechelt. Directors of the SCCA were invited by Renewable Resources Hydropower Company (RRH) to take a tour of their Tyson Creek lake storage/run-of-the-river project, which is now nearing completion. We were also invited to view the location of the RRH’s proposed project at Ramona Lake/Creek, which empties into Narrows inlet just west of the Tzoonie River estuary. SCCA Vice Chair Jason Herz viewed the site with company personnel on November 5, 2009.

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The SCCA has filed a "Request for Review " with the BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) on September 2, 2009. This request relates to the Sechelt Community Forest's response to our Freedom of Information request of June 9, 2009 .

The SCCA felt that critical information was wrongfully withheld  by Sechelt Community Forest . This review is now underway.