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aerial photoTyson Lake, April 30, 2010. As the lake level was drawn down, ice came to rest on the sediment delta at the left side of the picture causing silt to be distributed throughout the lake. The only visible patch of open water is over the former delta." Photo D. Bouman

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The straight line is the penstock pipe, the wiggly one under snow is the access road. The open water in the lake is on the extreme upper left. A tunnel connects the lake with the penstock pipe. The road is an access to the tunnel and leads to a "spoilage site", where waste rock from drilling the tunnel was dumped.

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Update for April 27, 2010
Renewable Power Corporation Acknowledges Sedimentation Event

In a press release dated April 23, 2010 Renewable Power Corporation (RPC) of Gibsons, BC has acknowledged that operations of their Tyson Creek hydropower facility has caused major siltation problems in the Tzoonie River and Narrows Inlet.

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Tyson Creek silt
Glacial-fluvial silt from Tyson Lake via the Tyson Creek independent power project has turned the Tzoonie River estuary and the head of the inlet turquoise green, Narrows Inlet, March 21, 2010.

Photo: Bob Price.

For more information read the SCCA's Tyson Sedimentation Event fact sheet.
April 14, 2010
In our posting of April 8 we stated that remedial requirements, stemming from the February 19 shut down order, had been completed.  According to an email from Environment Minister Barry Penner¬ís office on April 9, 2010, these remedial measures have not been completed and the project will not be given permission to re-commence until the additional work is completed.

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The SCCA has submitted a new paper to the District of Sechelt on how to fix the District's community forest corporation. These six recommendations are mostly administrative in nature but go to the heart of what is needed.

Our paper summarizes recently released Freedom of Information request results and references the standards of the Community Charter and the Province's Guide to Municipal Corporations.