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Map: Victoria Times Colonist
Press Release: February 8, 2011

At least 40 streams in four adjoining B.C. inlets north of Vancouver have been targeted for new water bottling operations, five groups revealed today. The bulk of the dozens of water bottling license applications--in Bute, Knight, Jervis and Toba Inlets--were filed in 2010 and are now in the hands of the new B.C. Ministry of Resource Operations.

Friends of Bute Inlet, Sierra Club Quadra Island, Sierra Club Malaspina , the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association and the Campbell River chapter of the Council of Canadians are all calling on B.C. Environment Minister Murray Coell to authorize a formal environmental assessment covering all the applications.

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yellow cedarPublic concern about BC Timber Sales operations on Mount Elphinstone has reached an acute stage in recent months as logging and planned logging proceeds in second growth stands adjacent to residential areas, and in upper elevation old growth.  On February 7, the SCCA published a paper commenting on this proposed logging, in particular
  • biodiversity protection
  • environmental concerns in the Coastal Western Hemlock very moist maritime ecosystem
  • environmental concerns in the Coastal Western Hemlock very dry maritime ecosystem
  • concerns about cut blocks in the Wilson Creek Watershed
Comments on BCTS Elphinstone Operational Plan 2011

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The SCCA has continued with information gathering over the last 5 months. We are now able to clarify past events and also describe what is happing now and what we expect will happen in the near future. Below is a brief account of the whole story, as far as we now understand it.

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Texada TourOn July 23, adelegation from the SCCA and Friends of Davie Bay met on Texada Texada Island. LeHigh Hanson Materials Ltd. wants to open a new, big quarry on Texada. The Friends have filed a court challenge. They want a provincial environmental assessment first.  

The case is important for two reasons. Firstly, if the judge rules in favour of the Friends of Davie Bay, it could change the way the provincial government issues mining permits. It could become more difficult for projects to be approved without an environmental assessment.

Secondly, the most important system of karst caves along the BC coast between Washington and Alaska could have a better chance of protection.  

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glass spongeGlass sponge reefs were thought to have gone extinct 30 million years ago, but in 1987 researchers mapping the sea floor discovered them in Georgia Strait. There's a reef in the waters off Sechelt and another near Roberts Creek.

Over half of the northern reefs were destroyed before fishing closures were put in place by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in 2002. CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) and the SCCA have organized a petition to put trawl and trap line closures in the areas of the southern glass sponge reefs to prevent damage from human activities.

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