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Dan BoumanEffective October 14, Dan Bouman is resigning as Executive Director of the SCCA to pursue other interests. Dan will continue to assist the SCCA in completing outstanding obligations.

The board would like to thank Dan for his many years of inspired leadership and service to the organization and his dedication to protecting the biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast region.

As most members are aware, the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association (SCCA) has a long history of working successfully to protect old growth forests, species at-risk, wildlife habitat and various ecosystem services within the 2.5 million hectare area of the greater Sunshine Coast region. With our current effort, the Habitat Area Nomination Project, the SCCA is moving on formal nominations of specific areas for either Wildlife Habitat Area (WHA) or Fisheries Sensitive Watershed (FSW) designation. We are also designing an educational program about what biodiversity is and what is needed to protect this region’s biodiversity.

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The Ministry of Forests has just released a Sunshine Coast Timber Supply Review - Public Discussion Paper. The deadline for public comments is Oct 2.

The SCCA is concerned about the Timber Supply Review because the "base case" scenario proposed by government analysts will, if the Chief Forester agrees, raise the the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) in this area by 38%. Note that there was no consideration of the impacts of climate change in developing the base case scenario.

The SCCA will make a formal response, and we are also encouraging members of the public to respond. Read the paper, have your say!

Gospel Rock has been off the radar lately, but the issue is far from asleep.

On September 14, 2011, Town of Gibsons Council received a staff report outlining potential ways of resolving outstanding issues in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan, Draft Version 3.1.  Staff recommended tabling the whole process in light of the property owners’ wavering support of the Plan and their consequent hesitancy in honouring their funding commitment for the planning process. Council did NOT endorse the staff recommendation, and chose instead to continue their examination of the remaining outstanding issues in the Plan, with an aim to resolving these before the November 19th Municipal Elections.

To that end, on October 12, from 1 to 4 p.m. in Council Chambers, Gibsons Council will discuss possible resolutions to the outstanding issues in the Plan, including examination of staff-identified options for resolution of the previously discussed outstanding points.

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JasonSaturday, September 10th, the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. We chose to “clean” the shoreline along Davis Bay, either side of the pier. Fourteen volunteers showed up including board members: Jason Herz, Tella Sametz, Marianne Larsen and Sheenah Main. Thanks to all of our volunteers.  Great to see some new faces including high schooler, Alexa Conyers.

Also, thanks to the local businesses who contributed to the cause: Sechelt Home Hardware, One o One Office Supplies and Extra Foods.

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