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The proposed Narrows Inlet Independent power project appears to be stalled.

The SCCA raised some concerns about it and now the Environmental Assessment Office has identified a number of serious problems with the application.

See also a headline article in the February 8 issue of the Coast Reporter.

We had a fantastic party at the Hall on November 17 for our annual Celebration of Conservation. Long time supporters, Sweet Cascadia, were joined this year by a host of amazing and generous musicians.  Kenji Akimoto entertained us on guitar while we welcomed everyone to the event and then Dan's Daughter's took over with their amazing voices and fiddle. The dance floor filled up for the Brothers in Farms, and they had the crowd well warmed up for an amazing set by Sweet Cascadia. We can't thank these musicians enough for turning this in to such a great party. (See photos below.)  Of course none of this would have happened without Clarence doing all the behind the scenes work. It was a very long day for him.

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There is an established array of scientific, social and economic reasons why the mid-elevation Mount Elphinstone slopes should be considered for protection under BC’s Protected Areas Strategy.

Presently three separate parcels of forests, totalling 139 hectares, make up Mt. Elphinstone Park. The SCCA believes it is time to move forward and create a contiguous mid-elevation park on the western slopes of the mountain. This important subzone is critically under-represented locally, regionally and provincially in BC’s protected areas system.

If you support the Mount Elphinstone Park proposal, please write to the Minister of Environment: Honourable Terry Lake, PO BOX 9047 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA BC V8W 9E2 or email

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To see the winners of the Seward Halo kayak and the Helly Hansen jackets, click on Read More. The winning tickets were drawn at the Celebration of Conservation on November 17 at Roberts Creek Hall.

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Burnco Rock Products of Calgary is proposing a sand and gravel (aggregate) mine in the fan of McNab Creek, in Howe Sound.  They have submitted a project description to initiate the environmental assessment process, which will be coordinated by the BC Environmental Assessment Office. The project would also need rezoning to an industrial land use. The rezoning application has been received by the SCRD and will require public consultation.

In order for Burnco Aggregates to process the material on site, a rezoning application must be approved of by the SCRD. Without the SCRD approval, the proposed mine could still go ahead and the processing could occur off-site.

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