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The SCCA is becoming increasingly alarmed over the growing wave of proposed private power generating projects in our region. These most recent proposals are major industrial projects, not little "run of the river" installations. The Stl'ixwin proposal, for example, involves damming numerous lakes for storage, and diverting water flows at about 20 locations.  A major transmission line corridor is also proposed.

The Stl'ixwin Renewable Energy Initiative is holding an Open House at the Seaside Centre in Sechelt, on Wednesday, December 10th, starting at 5:00 p.m.  This open house will give information on a project involving six sites in the watershed of the Tzoonie River, which empties into Narrows Inlet.
We are currently in the "terms of reference" phase of a provincial Environment Assessment of this project. Government is accepting public input until January 23rd regarding the scope of issues to be considered during the EA process.

For more information on IPPs, visit the Citizens for Public Power .

We'd like to thank everyone who contributed to making November 22 a fun and fundraising evening at the Sechelt Seniors Centre. If we've missed anyone, we apologize in advance.

You can view photos of the event in our Gallery .

Music:  Michael Maser;  SWEET CASCADIA - Paul Dwyer  Drums, Sara Fitzpatrick  Fiddle, Jenny Groves  Bass, Brett Heneke   Banjo, Simon Hocking  Mandolin, Mark Lebbell  Guitar, Kaia Nielsen  Vocals & Bass; Ken Dalgleish  Piano

Sweet Cascadia

Special Donors:  
Solar Water Heater : Michael Siddall, Tella Sametz, and Barry Gillis
Dental Services: Dr. Lorne Berman, Sechelt Dental Centre

Auction Donors:
Andrew Scott, Brian Harvey, Carl Amberg, Change Dynamics, Creek Clayworks, Debbie Lucyk, Dr. Bland Inc., The Garage, Gibsons Florist , The Hemp Shop, Heather Waddell, Integrated Therapies, Irenic Spirit Esthetic Studio, Ken Dalgleish, Marcia's Restaurant, The Medicine Shoppe, Michael Norton, Miguel Roberts, Nancy Leathley, OK Tire & Auto Service, Pastimes , Quality Farm & Garden Supply, Rick O'Neil, Salamander Studio, Sechelt Animal Hospital, Sheila Weaver, St. Hilda's Anglican Church, Suncoast Diving, Sunshine Coast Slipper Factory, Taylor Electrics, Tellaphoto, Westwind Gallery, Will of the Woods, Willow Farm Nursery, Wilson Creek Rent & Brew , Wind Song Gallery, Windfall Resources

Casey's Country Gardens (for plants to decorate the hall)
the Arts Centre for loan of equipment
Photos: Duane Burnett, Heather Till
Ticket Sales: Wind Song Gallery, Gaia's Fair Trade, Roberts Creek Store

And volunteers, including:

Set-up/Decoration: Fern Walker, Elizabeth McNeil, Jason & Karin Hertz, Gertrude Pacific, Cleo McClarty, Rosemary & Jim Ettinger, Michael Siddall, Heather Waddell.
Event Exchequer:  Alexis Harrington
Bar:  Gail Riddell, Andrew Scott, Brad Benson, Andrew Scott, Howard Katz
Door:  Clint Budd, Sally Abraham
Kitchen:  Jancie Brunson, Pat Braithwaite, Melissa Braithwaite, Jane McOuat, John Farrer
Food:  Marianne Larsen
Membership:  Heidi Zurbrugg, Charlene Clark
Auction:  Ken Dalgleish, Michael Maser, Janet Genders, Lee Ann Johnson, David Moul
50/50: Barry Janyk

thumbAuthors Daniel Bouman and Andrew Scott compiled the story of all the things Sunshine Coasters have done over many years to protect our most valuable and important environmental asset--drinking water! 

Click here for more information about this book, which is available for $20 from the SCCA and selected Sunshine Coats retailers.

Brad & Award

The SCCA was very proud to award the first John Hind-Smith Environmental Achievement Award to Bradley J Benson on November 22, 2008 at our Celebration of Conservation.  (Above: Brad Benson, SCCA Executive Director Dan Bouman, George Smith)

More about John Hind-Smith
More about Brad Benson

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The SCCA is very pleased to announce receipt of a $2330 grant from the Sunshine Coast Regional District for completion of the Eelgrass mapping project.

eelgrass bedEelgrass beds are crucial rearing and feeding grounds for a myriad of marine species, including salmonids as they migrate from the rivers to the sea environment.

Dianne Sanford, local educator, started mapping eelgrass beds on the Sunshine Coast in 2001. In 2006 she covered the area from Port Stalashen to the pier in Roberts Creek, and under this new grant she and other volunteers will continue mapping eelgrass bed locations and polygons from the Roberts Creek pier east to Bonniebrook.

Mapping of this habitat is important for future planning decisions, since foreshore development can directly affect the eelgrass beds just offshore.  Data will be entered on the Community Mapping Network website and maps will be freely available for public and government reference.

Dianne Sanford specializes in working with groups from kindergarten to seniors. She graduated from the BCIT Fish, Wildlife and Recreation program and studied Environmental Conservation at Lethbridge College, Alberta. She does environmental education for the general public and the local school district, under the aegis of her own company, Moonstone Enterprise. She is also a Streamkeepers trainer and facilitator for Wild BC Environmental Education programs.