Rainwater Harvesting
- In 2007, the SCCA began to consider the potential of rain harvesting to alleviate demand on the Chapman/Gray community watershed during low flow periods.  We received a grant from the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation to pursue this course of study and the resulting paper, An Exploration of Rain Harvesting for the Sunshine Coast, is now available and currently under consideration by local governments.

Independent Power Projects (IPPs) - Over 180 IPPs have been proposed or approved for the greater Sunshine Coast. In principle, the SCCA is not opposed to small, potentially green hydroelectric projects. However, in the absence of comprehensive land use planning, effective environmental impact assessment and effective regulatory enforcement, approval of independent power projects must be viewed as alarming and reckless. For more information see our Position Paper on IPPs .

Mt Elphinstone Park Poll

Do you wish to see an expansion of the three existing B.C provincial parks on the lower slopes of Mt Elphinstone?

Yes - 82.2%
No - 17.4%

Total votes: 276
The voting for this poll has ended on: March 31, 2014