The greater Sunshine Coast region is the focal point of a large number of Independent Power Projects (IPPs); over 180 have been proposed or approved. We believe these projects are being undertaken in an environmentally reckless manner.

IPP sites

We are concerned about independent power projects in general and specifically the Stl’ixwim project for the following reasons:

In principle, the SCCA is not opposed to small, potentially green hydroelectric projects. However, in the absence of comprehensive land use planning, effective environmental impact assessment and effective regulatory enforcement, approval of independent power projects must be viewed as alarming and reckless.

For more information see our Position Paper on IPPs.

Also see “Recommendations for Responsible Clean Electricity Development in British Columbia," authored by the David Suzuki Foundation, the Pembina Institute, Watershed Watch Salmon Society and West Coast Environmental Law, and endorsed by 25 environmental organizations across BC.

More information and updates on IPPs can be found at Citizens for Public Power, Save Our Rivers, and Friends of Bute Inlet.