East Porpoise Bay Ratepayers Association
The 470 hectare East Porpoise Bay neighborhood is a mixture of residential and industrial properties, along withfour salmon bearing creeks and a provincial park. The Ratepayer Association represents residents' interests, and promotes the environmental well-being of Sechelt Inlet.


Friends of Caren
Formed in 1991 by people dedicated to the idea of creating a shore-to-summit park in the Caren Range on the Sechelt Peninsula. The group's efforts resulted in the creation, in 1999, of Spipiyus Provincial Park, but the shore-to-summit goal was not reached. The Friends of Caren continue this quest for a shore-to summit park with a minimum 8,000 hectares.
Contact: John Field, johnfield@dccnet.com

Friends of Forage Fish
The Sunshine Coast Friends of Forage Fish have been sampling candidate beaches for the presence of forage fish eggs for the past 4 years. Forage fish are a primary food source for salmon. Knowledge of where forage fish spawn will assist in the direct protection of these species and will assist in the survival of local salmon stocks. As spawning forage fish sites continue to be documented it is expected that this knowledge will assist in the planning and development of the Sunshine Coast. In addition, this group has assisted the Seagrass Conservation Working Group with the restoration of local eel grass beds. New members welcome.
Future of Howe Sound Society, The
The Future of Howe Sound Society is a not-for-profit organization committed to the conservation and stewardship of Howe Sound for current and future generations. Our objective is to encourage the development of an overall comprehensive management plan for Howe Sound that recognizes and protects the social, economic and cultural value of this natural and beautiful environment. Members hail from various communities in the region as well as organizations active in the area, and support the recovery of the Sound's bio-diversity while encouraging appropriate, sustainable economic and recreational activities. They share a common concern about the lack of a planning that results in repeated proposals for inappropriate, large scale industrial projects that threaten the sound's fragile recovery.
Gibsons Green Team
The Green Team sponsors the Green Film series. Their theme: "One can make a difference". We believe that one person can make a difference; with a mind that is open and aware; with a heart that seeks the truth; with a spirit that is willing to serve; and that a small committed group can change the world.
Contact: Gayle Neilson, glneilson8@gmail.com

Gospel Rock Park Project
Residents of the Town of Gibsons and neighbouring areas have long been working towards the preservation of the area known as Gospel Rock, through advocacy, public education, and participation on public land use planning processes.

Keats Island Conservation Group
The Keats Island Conservation Group (KICG) was born out of a desire to preserve the special places of Keats Island, maintain the natural native environment and enhance access to and understanding of the coastal forest and marine environment. We are primarily working around issues of invasive species, trail access and development, and healthy marine foreshore. We are an informal group at present that welcomes anyone interested in conservation issues.
Myrtle Creek Steward Society
Myrtle Creek, near Powell River, is one of the very few creeks along the Sunshine Coast which still has its own genetically diverse wild salmon. The society is dedicated to protecting Myrtle Creek and its natural systems for all to enjoy.

One Straw Society
A group encouraging the growth of sustainable agriculture, the purchase of local produce, and healthy environmental practices on the Sunshine Coast.

Pender Harbour and District Wildlife Society
Founded in 1979, the society is open to all nature lovers, and meets every third Tuesday night at the high school, each month from September through June.

Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society
A group of outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to establishing accessible parks and wilderness areas in the Powell River district, with linking corridors where possible, protecting old growth, and encouraging public participation in activities such as hiking, canoeing, walking and nature study.
Contact: Eagle Walz, walz@shaw.ca

Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve Society
The purpose of the Lagoon Society is to preserve and enhance the natural habitat and wildlife of the Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve, to partake in environmental education, and to assist in monitoring the ecological health of the region. The Society built and operates the Iris Griffith Interpretive Centre. Winter 2009 hours: Thursday-Sunday, 10-4.

Sandy Hook Community Association


An association of people residing in or owning property in the Sandy Hook neighbourhood of the District of Sechelt. More information about Hidden Grove at http://secheltgroves.com/.
Sargeant Bay Society
The Sargeant Bay Society is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1978, whose objective is the protection of the natural habitat of Sargeant Bay and neighbouring watersheds (8 km west of Sechelt). The society was instrumental in the establishment of Sargeant Bay Provincial Park (1989), restored its wetland, built trails, exercises invasive plant control, and runs a summer program of interpretive nature walks.
Sechelt Groves Society
To preserve, enhance and maintain natural areas of Sechelt and its surrounds with special emphasis on the Sechelt Heritage Forest and the Hidden Grove.

St. Hilda's Anglican Church
St. Hilda’s, situated on the unceded traditional territory of the shíshálh First Nation, is a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and the worldwide Anglican Communion. As a community, we welcome and celebrate human diversity - including spirituality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and abilities. We aim to create a space where people of any faith or none can question and discover the sacred in life through openness, struggle, laughter and prayer, lived out through a common commitment to be in solidarity with the poor and marginalized, and to cherish Creation. We are a Green Accredited church and support many eco- justice initiatives.

Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society
Their mission is to create a botanical garden on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society
This citizens group was formed in 2002 to inform and educate the citizens on the Sunshine Coast about the health hazards of air pollution in general, and smoke inhalation in particular.

Sunshine Coast Natural History Society
Meets the first Friday of every month from October to May at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre. Meetings feature guest speakers and presentations on natural history.

Sunshine Coast Society for the Hunting, Recognition and Observation of Mushrooms (SHROOM)
This local mushroom club was formed to help educate the community about our local fungi and to encourage respect toward our rainforest environment. Members have access to our extensive resource library. We hold a Mushroom Festival every October, featuring forays with and presentations by a guest expert, a mushroom photo contest, and a large mushroom show in Madeira Park. scshroom.org.

 Tetrahedron Alliance
This group came together in the 1990's to campaign for the protection of the Tetrahedron. Tetrahedron Provincial Park was created in 1995. Local residents still work actively to enable access to this area and advocate for public recreation opportunities.
Contact: Brad Benson bensonbrad4<at>gmail.com

Tuwanek Ratepayers Association